Maintenance, assembly & commissioning

Our experienced service staff do not only supply spare and wear parts, but is also the point of contact for maintenance, assembly & commissioning as well as for customers who need regular service or support to solve sophisticated technical issues locally.

In order to extend the service life of wear parts in our cable reels and slip ring assemblies, we recommend that our customers observe the maintenance intervals according to the provided operating instructions. We will be pleased to offer you tailored maintenance agreements.

Our tailored maintenance packages help you to...

  • plan regular and appropriate maintenance work for your ongoing operations in the long term
  • avoid having to wait for genuine spare and wear parts
  • preempt uncontrolled downtime
  • ensure the permanent availability of your products and systems
  • plan and optimise costs in the long term

No distance is too far for our experienced service experts to implement your complex installation projects, maintenance tasks or on-site commissioning. Hartmann & König trained staff provides customer care around the clock. Worldwide.

Service & order processing

Spare parts & order processing
Peter Völler
Phone: +49 7255 7120-30


Rainer Kolb
Phone: +49 7255 7120-85


After-sales service / maintenance / commissioning
Jörg Lamm
Phone: +49 7255 7120-708
Mobile: +49 172 799 5335


Order confirmations & processing
Franziska Hötzel
Phone: +49 7255 7120-709