Development & Innovation

More than just standard

Our products are used on a daily basis. This requires robust and precisely fitting technical solutions for demanding tasks, which are often unachievable with standards. Thanks to our great innovative strength and unconditional customer support, we are able to work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop the optimal solution for their specific application. Be it a custom-made one-off product or a product ready for series production.

Development competency from prototype to series production

Our development is guided by the latest technical standards and guidelines simultaneously. We spare no effort to expand our product functionality and improve technologies in order to be able to provide our customers with the best concepts in high-quality cable reels and slip ring assemblies at competitive conditions. In the search for the safest, most reliable and environmentally friendly solution for the electrification of mobile consumers and heavy devices, our customers can expect individual support and advice based on all our competence and experience.

In-house construction in close proximity to customers

The engineers and designers in our modern Development & Innovation department are devoted to product development and product design. Here, they create all technical documentation for the customer, which is also an important prerequisite for smooth production in our premises. At the interface between development and innovation management on the one hand, and customers and sales on the other, our experienced industrial designers accomplish projects for international customers and optimize existing technical solutions, products and components.