48-hour spring cable reels

Express reel range for various types and sizes

Standardised mechanical and electrical components allow us to ensure short-term delivery for a large part of our spring cable reel range within 48 hours from the point of ordering. In our basic product range, we provide various reel types and accessories, such as locking devices, cable guide arms and wall or ceiling attachments.

Extended 48-hour express delivery programme

Due to the increased demand for short-term available spring cable reels with payout right we’ve enlarged our production and warehouse capacity of mechanical and electrical components. As of now we can offer all express cable reels also with payout right - in proven quality and for the same price conditions like our spring driven cable reels with payout left. In only 48 hours ready for dispatch after receipt of order!

How to order spring cable reels with payout right?

You can use our previous express delivery programme (flyer for download below) also for cable reels with payout right, whereby all article numbers should be supplemented by yourself with the suffix “-RE” at the end of the item number. For example, you can order a standard spring cable reel with article no. E1075-5000 (payout left) also with payout right as article no. E1075-5000-RE, so we can clearly identify the reel as a payout right cable reel. The same applies to the relevant accessories: ratchet and roller yoke will be supplemented by the suffix –RE at the end of the article number.

Performance of our spring cable reels:

  • In proven execution and quality „made in Germany“
  • Travel distances up to 60 m
  • Maximum speed 60 m/min
  • Maximum acceleration 0,2 m/s2
  • Ambient temperature from -40 bis +60°C
  • Horizontal and vertical cable payout
  • Available with payout left or payout right
  • Protection class IP 55
  • Dispatchable with accessories (ratchet, roller yoke, cable grip)
    within 48 hours after receipt of order

See more technical details about available cable reel types and sizes as well as appropriate accessories in our spring cable reel brochure for download.


Moreover, Hartmann & König supplies its customers the pre-assembled main accessories such as ratchets or roller yokes for spring cable reels with payout right also within 48-hours.

Apart from the short-term availability of the spring cable reels, customers also benefit from the more robust design of the rigid roller yoke as well as from a highly flexible accessories range. The technical advantage of the rigid roller yoke is its higher stability compared to the rotary version. Last, but not least, due to numerous bores, customers can flexibly install the new roller yoke to any stock reel, which means that the item is reverse compatible.