Spring cable reels for industrial applications

Main Applications of spring cable reels
Spring cable reels are responsible for reliable power and data transmission of mobile consumers in industrial environments. Due to high-quality spiral leaf spring drive, flexible power and data cables, hoses or ropes can be wound and unwound automatically and in an orderly manner.

Compared to motorized cable reels, the spring cable reels are particularly suitable for smaller cable cross-sections, limited installation space, for shorter transmission paths and for lower travel speeds and accelerations. They are robust, durable and optimally suited for hoisting and all types of transport applications.

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Spring cable reels & accessories ready to ship in 48 hours. Standardized, mechanical and electrical modular components allow us to ship the majority of our spring cable reels and slip ring assemblies, as well as key accessories, within 48 hours after receipt of order.

Multiple applications of spring cable reels

Product features

  • Cylindrical or spiral winding spring cable reels
  • Standard Spring cable reels for distances up to 60 m; longer travel distances on request
  • Standard FLT for distances up to 60 m; longer travel distances on request
  • Driving and hoisting speeds up to v = 60 m/min
  • max. Acceleration 0.2 m/s2
  • Ambient temperature from -20 to +40°C
  • With left or right take-off
  • For horizontal or vertical line take-off
  • Maximum corrosion protection due to galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel, or with 2K special paint
  • Corrosion protection in C3 /C5 possible
  • Protection class: IP 55 (standard) to IP 65, higher protection classes available on request

Classic applications of spring drums

  • Power supply of extension arms on cranes and mobile construction vehicles
  • Lifting technology: energy and data transfer for gripper and magnets
  • Facade elevators
  • Battery charging cable reels for workshops, car garages, parking facilities, bus depots, etc.
  • Entertainment technology: mobile power & data for stage equipment (lighting bridges, lifting podiums, etc.)
  • Built-in cable reel in emergency and rescue vehicles (fire department, etc.)

Accessories for spring cable reels

The product range of Hartmann & König includes various series and sizes of spring cable reels. We offer an extensive range of accessories for every installation situation, such as locking devices, line arrangements, and wall or ceiling fixings.

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