Accessories Slip ring assemblies

Cam limit switch

This switch is used for monitoring the reel positions "full" and "empty" as well as for other monitoring functions. (It is not a safety switch.) The switching cams are designed for a maximum power of 5 A and 250 V. The limit switch is located either in the slip ring housing or outside that housing in its own housing. (It is driven by a stainless steel chain.) Alternatively, other limit switches, proximity switches or transmitters can be installed.


Thermally controlled stationary heaters at various output levels. Insulated installation in the slip ring housing. We recommend that a heater is installed in locations where low temperatures can occur or where the temperature fluctuates across a very wide range (within a short period of time).

Fibre-optic cables

Fibre-optic cables are used to transmit optical signals. The so-called fibre-optic cable transmitter realises the transition between the rotating part (reel body) and the fixed part. The transmitter is adjusted to the winding length of the cable and to the number of fibre-optic cables. The connection is made via connectors. The transmitter is either installed inside the connection to the slip ring assembly or it is located in its own housing. Either way, the installation location is inside the heated space.