Rope reels for professional applications

Motorised and spring driven rope reels

Rope reels are used for a wide range of different applications. Depending on the deployment requirements, we configure rope reels with a spring drive or a suitable motor drive. For example, as gripper or spreader steadying reels they are used in on-board cranes and port cranes to make sure that the gripper or spreader cannot twist during the operation and that the cable is not damaged. For such applications at sea or in the port area, we design rope reels according to the respective protective classes and according to the regulations of the ship classification societies.

Industrial rope reels for jib cranes and special purposes

  • As a gripper or spreader steadying reel arrangement for the cable reel
  • Prevents damage to the cable due to wire ropes
  • If required, the rope (not included in the delivery) is routed to the consumer via guide and deflection rollers and must be fed centrally into the rope reel body
  • For jib cranes, the reel and rollers can be positioned above, underneath or on the side of the jib
  • The stroke speeds correspond to those of the cable reels