Motorized cable reels for maximum flexibility

Motorized cable reels by H&K are technologically advanced and high-quality transmission systems for power, control signals and mobile data.

The perfect technical solution for reliable power supply of ship and construction cranes, machinery for materials handling, transfer cars or engines of in-plant logistics and construction vehicles.

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Motorleitungstrommel an Portalkran (RMG)
Motorleitungstrommel an Portalkran (RMG)

Multiple applications of motorized cable reels

Product features

  • Cylindrical or spiral winding cable reels
  • Travel ranges up to 1.000 m
  • Maximum corrosion protection due to galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel, or with 2K special paint
  • Slip ring bodies for secure transmission of power, control, data, bus and video signals
  • Integration of fiber optic cables possible 
  • Rotary transfer assembly for transmission of liquid or gaseous media
  • Protection class: IP 55 (standard) to IP 65, higher protection classes available on request
  • various drive concepts available

Classic applications of motorized cable reels

  • Power supply of all types of gantry and overhead cranes
  • Retrofit of RTG's and RMG's
  • Power supply of ship cranes and mobile harbor cranes
  • Electrification of mobile excavators / loading machines, etc. in material handling
  • Use in steel mills and recycling / waste incineration plants
  • Shifting carriages in plant engineering 
  • Locomotives in in-house transport
  • Power and control signal transmission for longitudinal circular scrapers in sewage treatment plants

Drive types for cable reels

As a manufacturer of cable reels of all sizes and designs, we also offer all types of motor drives. 

Drive components:

  • three-phase standard motors with holding brake, 100% ED
  • regulated and unregulated FU drives
  • Hydraulic drives
  • Standstill motors
  • Magnetic couplings
  • Turbo couplings
  • Bevel gear- , spur gear- or flat gear drives

Accessories for motorized cable reels

The product range of Hartmann & König includes various series and sizes of motorized cable reels. Depending on the installation situation and arrangement, we offer steering and guiding rollers, deflection devices and feed hoppers or even the combination of several elements.

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