Hose reels for industrial applications

Hose reels transfer a wide range of very different liquid and gaseous media, such as water, air, gas and oils, to mobile consumers via hoses. The design of our hose reels is as robust as that of our spring cable reels, and the hose reels ensure an orderly winding and unwinding of non-deformable, flexible rubber spiral hoses or fabric hoses. The application options for hose reels range from emergency vehicles (e.g. fire brigade) and the entire sector of mining, power station and storage yard engineering to numerous industrial uses. Depending on the application requirements and the layout, the drive can be electric or using spring force.

Professional hose reels for reliable operation

  • Motorised hose reels and spring hose reels with spirally or cylindrically winding reel bodies, depending on the application
  • Instead of the collector, a rotary valve (rotor) for air, water, gas, oil, etc. is installed
  • Rotary valves in a standard design are suitable for air and water up to a maximum of 10 bar
  • Higher pressure levels or vacuum levels as well as other liquids such as hydraulic oils, gases, and acids are available on request
  • The hose can be wound or unwound both in horizontal and vertical direction
  • Available with a roller payout yoke for easy winding and unwinding of the hose
  • Further accessories: Ratchet and roller yoke