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Large product variety in plastics and steel execution

As a full-service provider of power supply solutions we provide in addition to our cable reel and slip ring portfolio a wide range of energy chains. The high-grade energy chains, tested with 1 million cycles, are available in plastic and steel execution and can be configured and completely assembled according to customers’ needs by our experts in Germany. 

We offer different construction series in plastics and provide steel or stainless steel chains for toughest ambient conditions. All energy chains are in open, semi-open or closed design available and compatible with most other market solutions due to standardized mounting dimensions.

Product performance at a glance

  • Material characteristics: PA 6 with 30% fibre glass
  • Maximum velocity: up to 9 m/s (light series)
  • Range of temperature: from -30 oC up to 130 oC
  • Raw material of plastic series by reputable manufacturers from Germany and US
  • Complete in-house production process of energy chains by Turkish quality manufacturer
  • Highest product quality with certificates of conformity according to international standards (CE marked)
  • Production certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001

Application fields for energy chains

Energy chains are ideal components for a secure and combined guidance of power and data cables as well as hydraulic and pneumatic hoses in a single unit. They are used in linear moving machine components of machine tools, high-bay warehouses, cranes, car wash stations and many more technical applications.

For challenging transfer tasks

Due to their solid and flexible design our energy chains are particularly suitable for short and medium transfer distances as well as for applications requiring higher travel speeds or temperature ranges. Therefore, they perfectly complete our previous product portfolio of cable reels and slip ring assemblies for an even wider spectrum of applications.

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Classical applications for energy chains

  • CNC machines, tool machines
  • Industrial robots
  • Cranes
  • Trolleys
  • Gates
  • Car wash stations
  • Steel plants
  • Theaters / Lifting podiums …

Flexibly configurable energy chains

Our four product series are equipped with a large variety of dimensions, bending radii and designs – they will meet your requirements for different fields of applications.

  • All energy chains are available in an open, half-open or closed design
  • Frames are openable from inside or outside due to standardized module components (except our economical Light Series chains)
  • Flexibility in individual color scheme of chains or pins according to customers‘ needs (any other RAL color possible)
  • Steel series available with inner heigth from 22 mm to 250 mm; profile widths configurable in 1 mm graduated intervals; separators in plastic or steel execution
Energiekette "Steel Series"

Powerfull product series

  • Light Series: inner height 07 - 24 mm, connections via plug-in / click system; no sideward pins to assemble; easy assembly, no modular design or construction system possible
  • Medium Series: inner height from 25 mm to 42 mm, more robust construction than Light Series, for longer distances and higher strain; modular design – width can be adapted according to variable applications
  • Heavy Series: Height (inside): 40 / 60 / 80 mm; aluminium stays / components on demand
  • Steel Series: with inner heigths from 22 mm to 250 mm; available in 1 mm graduated profile widths; special design with tailor-made hole stay inserts made of aluminium

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  • End brackets made of plastic or steel
  • Separators made of plastic or steel
  • Strain reliefs
  • Plastic glides for longer applications
  • Tailor-made hole stay inserts with horizontal and vertical slots

Energy supply solutions from a single source

In the course of the extension of our product range we can, as for now, provide our customers in addition to our wide cable reel and slip ring portfolio with high-quality energy chains. So, we strive to offer our customers, who are looking for secure energy supply systems, complete solutions from a single source for their technical equipment.