Counterweight reels

Today, counterweight reels are used less often because of alternative robust motor drives. However, they have unsurpassed advantages, especially under extremely critical ambient conditions, for example in very high temperatures in steel works in the immediate vicinity of blast furnaces and in waste incineration plants. Instead of using a motor, the cable reel is driven by a counterweight.

The cable reel can be used efficiently in all situations where there is enough space for the counterweight and its suspension. Furthermore, counterweight reels are characterised by their high operational safety because they have very few wear parts in their drive.

  • Type series KTG for outer diameters of up to 6 m
  • Depending on the cable cross section and the outer diameter, the cable groove body has a cylindrical or highly conical design
  • Cable unwinding is possible to both sides
  • Counterweights and flexible steel cables must be provided by the customer