Battery charging cable reels for e-mobility

Battery charging reel with Type 2 plug

Robust and safe use in car workshops, parking facilities & many more

Facing the rising number of e-mobility consumers and the appropriate demand for an expanding charging infrastructure throughout private, commercial and public life we provide flexible charging cable reels for various battery charging applications. Charging reels for electric vehicles are the easiest solution – quick, safe and cable protecting to assemble or to integrate into garages, car parks, bus depots or charging stations.

Spring driven charging reels by Hartmann & König serve as reliable power transfer systems for the orderly winding of flexible cables. They enable a smooth and reliable transfer of charging current to the place wherever it may be needed: from the charging station in car parks, public places, or in industrial environments to e-vehicles and many more mobile consumers.
Comfortable to install and adapt to local requirements, and even without health and safety risks within daily operations.

Product features at a glance

  • Spring driven cable reel for battery charging tasks
  • For ceiling, wall and underfloor mounting
  • Inner diameter d = 220 mm
  • Outer diameter D = 400 mm
  • Cable: 10 m reeling cable type 5x6mm²+1x0,5mm2
  • Slip ring assembly: 4 Pole + PE 60 A, 500 V + 1 Pol R32
  • Main components: Reel body, spring assembly, slip ring assembly with housing
  • Accessories: ratchet, roller yoke, wall and ceiling assembly kit on request
  • Protection class: IP55
Durable charging cable reels for safe workshops

Clean solutions for cable and environment

  • Previous solutions for public charging stations, car workshops and e-fleets are often not matured and extensively applicable
  • Orderly cable management systems are getting an increasing importance 
  • Owner of high-value electric vehicles don‘t accept wet or dirty cables within their car boots
  • Messy or manual winded cables can be quickly impaired by negative loads affecting also their functionality
  • Charging reels provide protection for cables and plugs, and therefore, reduce operational costs
  • Safety risks will be minimised - trip hazards due to cables hanging or lounging around can be avoided
  • Robust execution of our proven cable reels enable permanent use in industry, workshops, car garages or public charging stations
  • Suitable for ceiling, wall and underfloor mounting

Accessories: ratchet and roller yoke

The ratchet ensures a defined cable length, by default with one notch per rotation. Several ratchets can be installed on request. The ratchet also ensures the strain relief of the cable during the operation.

The roller yoke is rigidly installed to the fixing flange. The roller yoke ensures the even winding and unwinding of the cable and, at the same time, it prevents the cable from „jumping“ over the external shield of the reel. The roller yoke is fitted with plastic rollers which preserve the cable and also make sure that, up to certain extent, the cable can be unwound sidewards.

Charging plugs for electric vehicles

Type 1 plug

  • one-phase plug
  • standard for e-vehicles in North-American and Asian region (widespread in cars, but not on charging stations)
  • suitable for charging capacities up to 7,4 kW (230 V, 32 A)

Type 2 plug

  • three-phase plug
  • European standard for AC charging stations & electric vehicles manufacturer
  • charging capacity up to 43 kW (400 V, 63 A)
  • suitable for each Mode-3-charging cable (for e-vehicles with
    type 1 & 2 plugs)

Application fields for charging reels

Charging solutions for...  E-mobility of... 
  • garages
  • car parks
  • car dealer and showrooms
  • bus depots
  • industrial working places
  • corporate fleets
  • commercial fleets
  • car sharing
  • public transport
  • e-busses

Energy and data transfer systems from a single source

The Hartmann & König product portfolio covers an extensive range of energy and data transfer systems for mobile consumers - from various series and dimensions of quickly available spring cable reels as well as motorised cable reels, slip ring assemblies and energy chains. For each installation we provide a comprehensive accessories programme completing our high-grade technology solutions.

Our outstanding technical competence in the area of energy delivery to mobile consumers is based on more than 70 years experience in the development, production and installation of cable reels and slip ring assemblies. We support our customers with a dedicated team of engineers and designers, who develop solutions for the most challenging applications.