Comprehensive range of accessories

A cable reel on its own is often only half of the job. For a great number of applications, the interaction between the cable reel and the respective accessories is of key importance, and Hartmann & König plays special attention to tailoring the accessories to specific applications. An off-the-shelf solution is not of much use to the customer if he, depending on the installation situation and layout, also needs the right guide rollers, deflection devices and feed guides or a combination of several of such items.

Hartmann & König offers a comprehensive range of accessories for its products such as roller payout guides with or without control function, deflector and guide pulleys, cable grip, end limit switches, spooling devices or heating units for slip ring housings. Our range of accessories is just as powerful and robust as our cable reels and slip ring assemblies.

Accessories within 48 hours

Furthermore, we offer our customers a fully reviewed range of accessories for our spring cable reels. Accessories such as ratchets, roller yokes and cable pulling grips can be pre-assembled and delivered together with the urgently needed reels within 48 hours.

Apart from the ready availability of the spring cable reels, customers also benefit from the more robust design of the now rigid roller yoke as well as from a highly flexible accessories range and the reduced prices for urgently needed reels plus accessories when purchased together. The technical advantage of the rigid roller yoke is its increased stability compared to the rotary version which has been manufactured until now. Last, but not least, due to numerous bores, customers can flexibly install the new roller yoke to any stock reel, which means that the item is reverse compatible.

More accessories on request.