New address – same location

New address – same location

Company address of Hartmann & König has changed

Our company address has changed after the decision of the municipality Graben-Neudorf to rename a part of the Siemensstrasse into “Hubert-und-Ursula-Herberger-Platz”. The renaming doesn’t affect in any way accessibility and reachability for our customers and suppliers! The official future address of Hartmann & König companies will be „Hubert-und-Ursula-Herberger-Platz 1“.

Some time ago, the city council of Graben-Neudorf has accepted the request of the shareholding family and third generation of entrepreneurs of the Hartmann & König company group to honor the lifetime achievements of the entrepreneur family Ursula and Hubert Herberger with the renaming of our company location. Both outstanding personalities acted until their untimely demise in 2015 as the driving forces to lead the the company‘s fortunes for more than 40 years to a path of continuous growth.

Since construction of our extended facilities are finished around the same time, we took the opportunity of renaming our location for inviting and celebrating this event together with representatives of the city council as well as our neighbouring companies on July 20th, 2018.

Our family owned company feels especially obliged to honour the heritage of both these carismatic entrepeneurial personalities and is honoured to serve our customers in future from this newly renamed location.

The new name of our location will affect all legal companies of the Hartmann & König group, which will change from formerly Siemensstraße 6 to Hubert-und-Ursula-Herberger-Platz 1.

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