Cable reels for Guinness World Record holder

Cable reels for Guinness World Record holder

H&K technology supplies huge automated parking facility in Kuwait with mobile power

96 motorised cable reels by Hartmann & König contribute to a smooth operation in the world’s “Largest Automated Parking Facility” at Al Jahra, Kuwait. The Robotic Parking System at Al Jahra is the Guinness World Record holder for "Largest Automated Parking Facility" with 2,314 parking spaces. Our motor cable reels ensure the mobility of transport platforms within the huge parking system. 82 cable reels for horizontal application and 14 cable reels for vertical use meet special requirements like high travel speed up to 100 m/min and dynamic acceleration up to 1,65 m/s2. More challenging conditions are high ambient temperatures up to 60 degree Celsius, and, last but not least, the cable reels are equipped with a special console tailored to tight space conditions.

The Robotic Parking System minimizes the impact of parking and creates more space that can benefit the property as a whole. Moreover, it reduces pollution and greenhouse gases, and provides optional electric charging stations.

Follow here the (external) Youtube video of Robotic Parking Systems about the record project in Kuwait.

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