Battery charging cable reels by Hartmann & König

Battery charging cable reels by Hartmann & König

Robust and safe charging solution for garages, car parks & many more

Facing the rising demand for an expanding charging infrastructure throughout private, commercial and public life we provide flexible charging cable reels for various battery charging applications. Charging reels for vehicles and many more mobile consumers are the easiest solution – quick, safe and cable protecting to assemble or to integrate into garages, car parks, bus depots or charging stations.

Spring driven charging reels by Hartmann & König serve as reliable power transfer systems for the orderly winding of flexible cables. They enable a smooth and reliable transfer of charging current to the place wherever it may be needed:  in workshops, car parks, or in industrial environments. Comfortably to install and adapt to local requirements, and even without health and safety risks within daily operations.

Find out more about our clean and safe charging solution for electric vehicles.

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