Mobile Harbour Cranes

Maximum flexibility

Due to their compact design, Mobile Harbour Cranes are the world‘s most flexible and powerful cargo handling equipment in ports and container terminals. Today, Mobile Harbour Cranes can be electrified by means of powerful motorized cable reels, largely keeping their flexibility and agility within the quay infrastructure.

Offering a wide variety of energy and data transfer solutions, Hartmann & König develops and manufactures state-of-the-art motorized cable reels and slip ring assemblies specifically to customer requirements. Cable reels mounted on cantilever arms for fast vertical spreader movements can be driven by frequency inverter or hydraulically driven – for maximum lifting speeds of up to 240 m/min and optimum torque.

Cable reel specifications for Mobile Harbour Cranes

Performance power supply for fast vertical spreader movements horizontal travel – electrification of Mobile Harbour Crane
Travel speed up to 240 m/min 60 m/min
Max. acceleration up to 1 m/s2 0,2 - 0,3 m/s2
Installation height up to 100 m 5 - 6 m
Drive unit frequency inverter drive,hydraulic drive frequency inverter drive,magnetic coupling
Slip ring assembly power supply + control signal + fibre optical rotary joints power supply
Coiling length up to 100 m up to 60 m
Cable reel dimensions 3–4 m 5–6 m
Ambient temperature from -25° C up to +45° C from -25° C up to +40° C
Accessories - roller payout guide,deflection & guide pulleys,cable centre feed funnel