Deck Cranes

Seaworthy and sturdily designed

The ability to move containers, general and bulk cargo as well as heavy loads on board freight vessels and offshore platforms requires energy to operate cranes and claws of different sizes and functionalities. All technical equipment used at sea must meet the strictest requirements in terms of ruggedness and salt-water resistance to ensure that it can operate reliably for many years even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Reel assemblies and flanges from stainless steel

For this reason, we manufacture reel assemblies and flanges from stainless steel or hot-galvanised sheet steel with special coatings to protection class IP 66, or higher if required. Our rugged motorised cable reels with cylindrical gears and turbo couplings guarantee a reliable supply of energy to deck cranes of all types. Last but not least, rope drums by Hartmann and König are used to stabilise the rotary and slewing movements of claws and spreaders.→

Specifications for Deck Crane applications

Performance power supply for fast vertical spreader movements
Travel speed up to 100 m/min
Max. acceleration 1 m/s2
Installation height up to 50 m
Drive unit magnetic coupling, turbo coupling
Slip ring assembly power supply + control signal
Coiling length up to 80 m
Cable reel dimensions 4 – 5 m
Ambient temperature from -25° C up to +40° C
Accessories deflection and guide pulleys