Plant engineering

A passion for special solutions

Almost no other sector is as diverse in terms of applications and associated requirements as the plant engineering industry. Customised energy transfer and data transmission solutions play a key role in optimising production processes. They are also the driving force that inspires our experienced specialists to work every day with customers to find optimum energy supply configurations. The spectrum ranges from flexible battery charging reels for supplying high currents all the way to power supplies for transfer carriages or locomotives used for intra-company transportation.

A long service life combined with uniformly high quality are not only our aim, but also our promise. No matter how diverse the automation solutions for optimised manufacturing facilities may be, they all require energy and data transfer systems that are perfectly customised and integrated in the value added process. In this regard, our innovative products fulfil the often complex requirements, such as confined installation spaces, high speeds or acceleration, thereby helping to reduce cycle times, boost performance and optimise energy efficiency. We support our customers with a dedicated team of engineers and designers, who can develop the right solution for the most demanding applications.

Our solutions for plant engineering


Hartmann & König Products


Plant engineering / transfer systems

  • spiral and cylindrical winding cable reels (motorised and spring driven)
  • slip ring bodies
  • robot reels
  • spooling devices
  • chain reel
  • centre feed funnel
  • low speed
  • often limited installation space (< 800 mm)
  • transfer of energy, data and control signals
  • reliability and high durability

Locomotives for in-house transport

  • motorised cable reels
  • high speed applications
  • high acceleration
  • long distances


  • spring cable reels
  • battery charging reels
  • robot reels
  • automated process
  • high currents
  • robust technology

Military equipment

  • spring cable reels (aerial cable reel)
  • slip ring bodies
  • customer-specific solutions
  • special cables
  • data transfer

Beverage industry

  • slip ring bodies for energy and data transfer
  • high durability
  • high rotation speed
  • special solutions, as e.g. stainless steel execution

Packaging machinery industry

  • slip ring bodies for energy and data transfer
  • central position above the stretcher
  • energy and data transfer