Environmental technology

Reliability in harsh environments

For some time now, there has been an increased focus on forward-looking environmental technologies in industry and society. Whereas new energy generation technologies call for high-performance energy and data transfer components on the one hand, resources that have already been used must be recycled as efficiently as possible on the other. As a specialist for high-quality energy and data transfer systems, Hartmann & König has supplied cable reels and slip ring assemblies for technical facilities in sewage works, recycling or wind power stations for many decades.

Ensuring reliable power supplies and control over sewage purification plants requires extremely robust energy and data transfer systems that can withstand aggressive environmental conditions. For this reason, circular scrapers in sewage plants are the ideal application for our rugged slip ring assemblies, which transfer energy and data from the stationary switchgear and control systems to the drives on the rotating circular scraper bridge. In addition to optimum corrosion protection, our cable reels are also used to supply energy to longitudinal scrapers in sewage plants.

The hot-dip galvanised surface finish of the reel assemblies and the use of wear-free magnetic coupling drives enables our high-quality products to withstand even the most aggressive environments. For numerous other applications in the area of environmental technology, our experts have the necessary know-how and understanding to configure the best technical solutions for our customers – proven in practice and backed up by extensive references.

Our solutions for environmental technology


Hartmann & König Products


Circular scraper in wastewater treatment plants

  • slip ring bodies for energy and data transfer
  • low dynamics
  • aggressive environment
  • anti-corrosive protection
  • high protecting classes

Longitudinal scraper bridges in wastewater treatment plants

  • motorised cable reels for the transfer of energy and control signals
  • spring cable reels for short distances up to 60 meters
  • low dynamics
  • aggressive environment
  • anti-corrosive protection
  • high protecting classes
  • high surface protection

Recycling/ waste incineration

  • motorised cable reels with turbo coupling or frequency inverter drive
  • special cable strain relief device
  • very dirty environments
  • high temperatures
  • continuous operation
  • occasionally high dynamics

Wind turbines

  • slip ring bodies for blade pitch control
  • light wave conductors for transmitting optical signals optional
  • high dynamics
  • high vibration resistance
  • energy and data transfer between fixed installations and rotor blades
  • high durability
  • low maintenance for cost-efficient operation