Crane technology

Reliable systems for efficient logistics

Every industrial manufacturing enterprise must manage material flow and logistical tasks. In addition to standard applications, these usually include challenging transportation requirements - particularly regarding the critical service environments of cranes or transport goods. Indoor cranes of all types support production processes and optimise the use of available space at ground level.

Even in extreme working environments, such as in the vicinity of incineration kilns in steelworks or in warm and humid environments of waste incineration, grabs and magnets must be supplied with electricity or weight information must be transmitted.

We have supplied technologically sophisticated energy delivery systems for these types of applications for many decades. Hartmann & König cable reels can be equipped with virtually all drive types and can be perfectly matched by our specialists to the respective installation set-up. For this reason, our particularly robust reels with counterweight drives or our systems equipped with turbo couplings that have proven themselves time again in 24-hour continuous operation at high air humidity levels are ideal for use in steelworks or in waste incinerators. To ensure that cranes and lifting equipment can perform critical lifting tasks safely, reliably and efficiently, our experts are always open to feedback. With extensive know-how and honest advice, they are also on hand to help customers find the optimum technical and the most economical solution.

Our solutions for crane technology


H&K Products


EOT Cranes

  • cylindrical winding motorised cable reels with magnetic coupling
  • spring cable reels
  • slip ring bodies
  • 48hours-programme cable reels
  • limited installation space
  • standard industrial environment
  • small + medium dynamics

Steel mills

  • monospiral cable reels
  • motor driven or counterweight driven cable reels
  • slip ring bodies
  • harsh environmental conditions
  • high temperatures
  • special cable guidances
  • small + medium dynamics

Hoisting technology (magnetic)

  • cylindrical winding motorised cable reels
  • spring cable reels
  • slip ring bodies
  • feed-in of electromagnets
  • small + medium dynamics

Recycling / waste incineration

  • motorised cable reels with turbo coupling or frequency inverter drive
  • special cable strain relief device
  • very dirty environments
  • high temperatures
  • continuous operation, high dynamics in some applications

Facade Cranes

  • spring cable reels
  • low velocity
  • vertical winding (fixed spring cable reel)