Bulk, mining & material handling

Robust technology for the harshest environmental conditions

In the bulk and mining industry, cutting-edge technology is now more important than ever when it comes to meeting the extreme challenges that apply to all aspects of raw material extraction. Wherever vast masses of earth and rock need to be moved to expose precious raw materials, used to extract these valuable resources.

Around the world, motorised cable reels and hose reels by Hartmann & König ensure reliable supplies of energy, water, oil, compressed air and other media to large open-casting mining machines such as bucket-wheel excavators, conveyor belts, various types of crushing machines, hydraulic excavators or tunneling machines. Our rugged motorised cable reels with magnetically coupled drives as well as hydraulically powered systems are suitable for use over longer distances.

Thanks to our know-how, we can provide our customers with targeted support in complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and high safety standards, while at the same time finding the most efficient solution to virtually every technical challenge. Our absolutely robust and reliable reel assemblies and accessories have proven themselves in continuous operation even under the harshest environmental conditions. Our energy supply systems are characterised by high product quality, exceptional performance and impressive longevity, all of which enable our customers to boost the productivity of their development, mining and tunneling activities over the long term.

Our solutions for bulk, mining & material handling


Hartmann & König Products



  • cylindrical winding motorised cable reels with magnetic coupling
  • hydraulic driven cable reels
  • slip ring bodies
  • spooling devices …
  • long travel distances
  • robust technology
  • optional with ex-ptotection

Stacker & reclaimer / bulk / material handling

  • monospiral and cylindrical winding cable reels
  • magnetic coupling drives
  • hydraulic driven cable reels
  • slip ring bodies
  • spooling devices …
  • long travel distances
  • robust technology

Grab construction

  • cylindrical winding motorised cable reels
  • most frequent drive: turbo coupling
  • rope reels to stabilize the rotary and slewing movements of grabs
  • cable deflector sheaves and pulleys
  • high dynamics
  • seawater environment
  • low speed
  • long distances
  • vertical use possible