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We are only completely satisfied when you are. And we aim for nothing less than excellence in our product assembly operations. Our customers depend on our reliability, our specialist expertise and our readiness to tackle any technical challenge. Are you seeking a reliable and professional solution for cable reel assembly? Look no further! We are your ideal partner.


Our priority is smooth assembly based on maximum precision and our specialist expertise.

Our team is made up of highly qualified technicians and engineers with long-standing experience in the assembly of our critical components. We supply bespoke assembly solutions customized precisely to your needs. Our flexibility enables us to fulfill all your needs – from a one-off single unit to a large-scale production run.


Our team supports you throughout the entire process of placing our products into service, providing expertise and assistance.

Our utmost priority is to ensure smooth operation by meticulously overseeing compliance with all specifications, connections and special conditions. Whatever your questions and issues, we provide expert support you can rely on.

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