Develop your full potential with us! Take advantage of top-class vocational training and lay the foundations for a successful future career.


At Hartmann & König, training is a priority. We invest in the coming generations of qualified employees.

By doing so, we build prospects for the future for talented young employees – and for our company. Trainees that successfully complete their programs have good chances of being kept on in our company. Many of our former trainees are still with us, now occupying positions of responsibility.

Our apprenticeships

What our trainees say

“What I like most about my apprenticeship is the chance to work on a wide variety of machinery and familiarize myself with different departments. The work is so varied. It enables me to develop a broad range of professional skills and gain an extensive picture of the various fields of work involved. I always look forward to sharing the lunch breaks with my colleagues and trainers. It’s the perfect chance to relax, chat and build our team dynamic.“

Jakob M., Second year of training

What our trainees say

“I chose a traineeship at H&K because I had already done an internship there, which introduced me to the company. I really enjoyed the internship and it got me interested in joining H&K as a trainee.”

Kaan A., First year of training

What our trainees say

“The best part of my traineeship so far was the Formula 1 project that we carried out in my first year.”

Sandro M., Third year of training

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