About us

As one of the leading manufacturers of motorised cable reels, spring cable reels, and slip ring assemblies, Hartmann & König Stromzuführungs AG supplies its customers worldwide with technologically advanced energy and data transfer systems for mobile consumers. The high-quality „Made in Germany“ cable reels are used on container, deck and construction cranes, excavators or hoisting equipment of all types – and wherever mobile consumers require a reliable supply of power, data or other media.

Know-how meets customer’s needs

Our expertise is reflected in an impressive product portfolio of state-of-the-art cable reels and slip ring assemblies. Innovative capability, reliability as well as the flexibility of a medium-sized company contributed to the success of Hartmann & König.

Our expertise in the area of energy delivery to mobile consumers is based on more than 70 years experience in the development as well as production of cable reels and slip ring systems. We support our customers with a dedicated team of engineers and designers, who develop solutions for the most challenging applications. In this way, we can offer virtually all types of motorised cable reels tailored to customer requirements for spiral or cylindrical winding and unwinding of cables, ropes or hoses.

We provide suitable technical solutions and a comprehensive service for your business! We’re looking forward to your request.